Dear ParentSquare,

Here's why our schools love ParentSquare!

ParentSquare is the best tool we’ve invested in all year. It’s raised the quality of our communication with our families and best of all, our parents, teachers, and staff all love it! The user experience is well thought out and the product speaks for itself.

Leah Davis

CMS, Principal

We used ParentSquare extensively during the Napa fires because MIT Academy (in Vallejo, just a few miles from the fires) was enveloped in a thick blanket of hazardous smoke and we had to first go into a shelter-in-place, and then subsequently cancel school for two days. During all this time my primary communication device with parents was ParentSquare, supplemented by social media and local media. But the latter two were hardly necessary as ParentSquare did all the heavy lifting and we were able to communicate with parents and students quickly and efficiently. In fact, we were praised for our good communication, so ParentSquare not only did a terrific job, it made me look good, which is no easy task! We are very glad we brought ParentSquare on board, it’s been an amazing technology for everyone – our administrators, staff, teachers and most importantly, our parents!

Matt Smith

Director, Mare Island Technology Academy

We just had a lockdown yesterday (gunfire near the school, luckily nobody from MIT hurt or affected) and I used a series of ParentSquare missives to communicate rapidly with staff, parents, and students giving them regular updates and directions. At the end of the day, I approached several parents and they all indicated they had received my messages and how helpful they were. We also avoided a deluge of parents descending on the school to pick up their kids, which would have been a disaster! Nowadays, kids text their parents almost immediately during an emergency and it’s critical to get the school’s message out to the parent community almost instantly. In that regard, ParentSquare is a fantastic technology and a real game-changer for communication during an emergency.

Matt Smith

Director, Mare Island Technology Academy

I love ParentSquare because I can communicate quickly and efficiently with my families in a manner of their choosing. It helps keep our school community strong and engaged.

Megan B. Cahill Morris

Principal, CMS

I love parents square because keeps me updated and reminds me of things to do,I’m very happy no more paper’s thank you !!

Elizabeth Ibarra

"Parent Square has absolutely changed the way we communicate with our parents and teachers. It’s incredible in the fact that it is so convenient, easy to use and most importantly, the amount of time we save by utilizing Parent Square is the best perk yet 😃.
Sending alerts, texting parents and teachers in a private/group setting, adding fun photos, uploading PDF forms, posting sign-ups, etc are just some of the reasons why Parent Square is such a huge hit. It is a total "game changer.“
I highly recommend Parent Square to any school who wants to improve/enhance the “parent to school connection.”

Chrissy Hammen

Pre-K/Kindergarten Director, Sonshine Christian Academy

This our third year with ParentSquare and each year we “love it” even more! Our teachers, administrators, room parents, volunteers, coaches, team parents, and club leaders all utilize ParentSquare. It makes their jobs easier - and - our parents are up-to-date, informed, and able to easily volunteer. Thank you ParentSquare!

Mary Lee Wren - Crane Country Day School

Parent Square makes it so incredibly simple and easy to send information, share photos, distribute fliers, and reach the entire district with just a few clicks. Anytime I have a question or don’t know how to do something, I get an impressively quick response with the help I need. Who doesn’t love that?!?

Anne Hubbard

Hope Elementary School District Superintendent

Parent Square is the best investment we have made all year! Our parents and staff absolutely love it. The user experience is well thought out and the product speaks for itself. Thank you Parent Square for making our school communication such a breeze!

Kevin Kassebaum

Director Sonoma Charter School---Sonoma California

Using Parent Square has made communication with my parents so much easier and parents love it! There have been special circumstances that have allowed us to communication instantly as a community! Thanks! Money well spent!

Patti Arnold

Principal Mt Eaton Elementary, Ohio

Our school community is blessed with many caring and involved parents. Over the years, we have been using various separate systems for school-to-home communications, volunteer sign-ups, file-sharing, and community engagement. Our families wanted a single, easy-to-use, reliable, school-to-home communication tool. ParentSquare has provided this solution for us and parents are thrilled with the new service. Organizing volunteers for Trunk-or-Treat and our annual Carnival has never been easier. We also love the ability to send voice and text alerts when needed. Thank you ParentSquare!

Gavin T. Colvert

Principal, Saint Martin of Tours School, Los Angeles

One of the most important factors when partnering with school parents is the ability to share information in a timely and efficient way. Parent Square has been instrumental in centralizing news, volunteer and donation requests and classroom information with parents in a fun, engaging way that resonates with today’s families.

Danielle Colvert

Principal, Good Shepherd Catholic School

ParentSquare is a tremendous asset to our school. The ease at which we are able to push out information and seek help from our school community is such an asset to me as the principal and our PTSA. Without ParentSquare are ability to include more parents/guardians in our school would be diminished. Parentsquare helps build community and involvement!

Lito M. Garcia

Junior High Principal

About 1 hour ago I posted the needs our Teacher Cadets had for a concession stand they are setting up. Within 1 hour we have volunteers signed up to bring in the supplies requested. This is incredible! We’ve used, email, texting, and Facebook in the past. I’ve never seen this type of quick response. Our parents love Parent Square and being able to interact. Thank you for making this tool available to our school. We are excited to see how we grow this year!

Melinda Tavernier

Executive Director, Coastal Leadership Academy

I use Parents Square weekly to inform my families on upcoming events at school, to post pictures of what we have been doing in the classroom, to ask for donations through sign up sheets, and to post reminders or news. I truly enjoy Parent Square and I have had families saying the same to me, It is an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with all my families and to communicate efficiently! 😃

Laura Calene

TK Teacher

Parent Square has allowed our school to communicate so much more efficiently. We can ask for volunteers, create groups for different committees within the school, and organize our alumni easily. I also use it at my older child’s school, so I can’t think of a better way to get information out this quickly to so many people!

Amanda Craig

Preschool Admin

ParentSquare keeps our families connected to the school through photos, events and information. The translation and texting feature helps us reach our entire school community. We’d be lost without it! Thank you ParentSquare team for all your efforts.

Rhiannon Parisse

PTA President

I use ParentSquare weekly in my classroom! It is easy to make a post that goes out to all the parents in my classroom or at my grade level and I love the added option of having it translated for you! It makes communication with my parents so easy and I am able to let them know what is happening in the classroom and they can ask questions right on the post. I also use it for my classroom wish list for items and things we need for projects, so its easy for parents to sign up to bring things in and shows what others have already signed up for! The new look is very user friendly and easy to navigate. And thank you for always asking for our feedback and suggestions about the site!

Tiffany Gonzalez


Parent Square allows teachers, administrators and parent-ran organizations (PTA, PTO, etc.) to easily and effectively communicate with the parents of students. Parent Square eliminates the slips of paper that are inevitably shoved in a backpack and never make it to the parent’s hands. The use of Parent Square allows us to monitor and ensure that the parents are receiving timely and important messages. Our biggest goal this year was to increase communication between the school and parents and Parent Square has allowed us to do that with a safe, user-friendly and effective platform.

Katie Kahler

President of PSC at Almond Acres Charter Academy

ParentSquare allows me to have instant two-way communication with the entire school. ParentSquare allows my teachers to create a classroom community that fosters parent involvement. I have noticed a dramatic increase in parent participation since we starting using ParentSquare two years ago. We love ParentSquare!

Amy Alzina


ParentSquare connects all of the different ways I communicate with parents into one. I can text, post newsletters and pictures. I love how parents are automatically reminded when they sign up to volunteer and for school events. It is also a great way to communicate with all the teachers that I work with, we made a private group that connects us all together. When we are attending to our classroom we can also see all the posts from fellow teachers and our director right there in the same feed. It is great to have everything in one place and be able to access it from my computer, tablet or phone.

Beth Hassenplug


ParentSquare is working out very well for our school. 99.3% communication is the best ever had here at Davidson Elementary.

Dana R. Jarrett

Principal, CMS

With two in high school, one in junior high and one in elementary this is a HUGE help in keeping up to date, no more 2 -3 copies of the same information. Thank you!

Monica Ramirez

I love parent square because … I am able to have access to what’s going on with my Daughter in school and what’s going on with the faculty as well . Keep me posted on any event happening . 😀👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Caroline Villarreal

I can get information at my fingertips and while on the go. No more missed announcements lost in inbox clutter. This is great!

Irena Reese

overworked parent

I love parent square because it is an easy way to keep all of my kids classes and schedules organized. Thank you parentsquare!!!

Ben Bishop

I love Parent Square because I’m always updated! Also have great communication with the teachers of my kids. 😃


I love ParentSquare because it allows me to be able to keep up with school events. It is also a easy way to send messages to your child’s school.
Thank you.

Jacqueline King

I love Parent Square because I receive important information from my child’s teacher, and it’s an easy-to-use, communication portal.

Viviana Beltran

With a busy life, multiple obligations, and 3 small children to manage, ParentSquare has been a life savor. I appreciate the real time updates, and the ability to manage expectations both professionally/personally. Great job ICS, as usual!!!

Amanda Tassin

I Love ParentSquare because: me mantiene en comunicación con las maestra y la directora de mi hijo, no sólo de canalinoschool sino también con las maestras de mi hijo en Middleschool. Recibo información al instante y me mantiene al día con lo que mis hijos estudiaran cada semana. Este medio es fácil, informativo y lo más importante mantiene seguridad en todo momento. Creo que cada padre debería de usar esta herramienta para así ser de mejor ayuda en los estudios de nuestros hijos. 👌

Rosalinda & Eduardo Sanchez

Great way to stay informed of what is happening in my kids school.

Belen Garcia

Preschool specialist assistant

I am a new mom and I feel that this app. Will help me be more involved and inform.

Esmeralda / Javier Valdovinos

Parent square is awesome! It is very to easy to maneuver and provides information that I need when the kids “forget” to tell you!

Lilia Edwards

Me encanta este medio de cumunicacion…me entero un poco de todo…de mija…hijo de KG de ASPIRE…y de Collins y de ustedes todo en uno solo…gracias.

Maria del carmen Beltran

Me gusta esta página porque así puedo ayudar más a mi hijo comunicándome con sus maestros

Margarita Ledesma

We’re loving ParentSquare so far. In just our second week of school, we’re receiving feedback from families who are so grateful to have a streamlined platform for all school communications. It’s so nice to know that we made the right choice after all of the various companies/platforms we assessed.

Susanna Thompson

Interim Head of School at Amherst Montessori School

I love ParentSquare because I can stay in touch with parents, share class pics, send group or private messages. And new tools are being added constantly: today I discovered colored fonts!

Vicki Walton

I love ParentSquare because it keeps me updated of all important dates and all classroom assignments that are due

Maria Mendoza

Parent at Kory Hunter Middle School

I love parent square because sometimes I forget to clear an absent. So when I get the notifications thru email or text message I respond right away. One less thing I have to worry about. 👍

Rachel Alarcon Perez

Parent Square offers me the convenience to communicate with staff via e-mail at my convenience, without having to coordinate a phone call with staff.

Danny Reneau

Me da la oportunidad de saber como estaran serviendo a mis queridos hijos y la tranquilidad de saber que estan en buenas manos!

Owen Clark

I Love Parent Square because it Supports the KIPP Preparatory and Parent Partnership. Thanks !

Deeneen Core


Tanisha Rounds

It tells us more about the school

Olga Lopez

I love parentsquart because it helps me to know what my child is learning!

Misty Segalla

I am excited to use Parents Square to keep up with the activity and stay in the loop… Thank you

Hazar Biddle

excellent source of communication and knowing what’s going on at all times, especially for all of us very busy parents!!!

Jansson Christy

Antwon is really going to miss you! Thank you for the impact you’ve made on my scholar! We’ll be forever grateful.

Ashley Harris

I Love Parent Square because I know all of the weekly assignments before hand.

Karen James Ruffins

As the school librarian, it is so helpful to have direct communication with families and staff for announcements or news. My favorite feature I just discovered is the messaging, which is helpful in recovering overdue books and collecting fines.

Wendy Copperfield

WCS Librarian

This site allows parents to have a bird’s eye view of their child’s activity in the classroom. It also keeps parents well
Informed about future events and and encourages ongoing communication .

Sonya Harris

Family worker

I love ParentSquare it gives us the opportunity to be involved in everything that school has going on for us and the children we so much love. We also have the opportunity to get to see the wonderful work the staff at academia do for the children.

Martha Erika Altamirano

Our parents LOVE ParentSquare. We just started using it and have found it a very effective way to communicate with our families and get them engaged. Super easy to use for both parents and staff.

Cynthia Louie

Administrative Coordinator, Synergy School, San Francisco

Muy buena manera de tener comunicación!!

Jair/Gutierrez, Carolina Toledo

I love parent square. It helps both parents be involved in their children’s live when they live separately. It’s a huge help.

Vanessa Aguilar

ParentSquare is absolutely incredible when it comes to support! You and your team have been wonderful to work with. We work with many other vendors and you guys are by far the best in client support. Please know how much we appreciate all that you do to support us. We are so happy with our decision to incorporate ParentSquare into our school communications!

Megan Orciari

Director of Communications

Love love parent square, how easy and accessible teachers are makes it easy to be up to date with events issues meetings etc.

Mayra Herbert

Parent Square is awesome Super easy to use… Love the fact that we can contact all the staff easily without going thru email. I love how it sends your messages directly to you phone.

Becerra Rosalinda

I love ParentSquare becuase it has helped increase our parent responses and input in our school vision.

Leslye Salinas

I love this idea because it is a great way to be involved and informed about our kids school even if we are working.


Mother of Yanitzy Lopez (Pacoima Charter)

Gracias. Por tener. Comunicación con nososotros los padres así podremos saver que es lo mejor para mi hija muchas gracias por su comucicacion😀👏

Alma Ponce

It’s great to have parentsquare because I know what events are caming up all the year.

Laura Hernández

ParentSquare is helping Sierra Sands revolutionize our school-to-home communications.
Through text, email, and push notifications, we are able to reach out to our parents and community in ways that we were never able to before. Through general notifications, alert messages, absence reporting, lunch account balances, calendar’s and more, we are finally reaching parents where they are. They can receive these messages in the manner that makes the most sense for them. We are very excited about this improved school-to-home communication tool!

Donnie Morrison

Director of Technology, Sierra Sands Unified School District

Parent Square is by far a more comprehensive program than our old ‘auto-dialer’. In fact, phone calls home are only a small part of the program. The ability to send emails, text messages and have parent respond allows us to really maximize our communication with parents. Additionally, as teachers are coming on board, they are really appreciating having the ability to use this program at the classroom level

Mike Weber

Assistant Superintendent, Weaver Union School District

“Parent Square has been an excellent additional form of communication between our teachers, parents and school. It is user friendly and has a variety of aspects from absence reporting to conference scheduling to parent/teacher interaction, that we find to be very positive when communicating with our parents. We are excited about using it at our school.”

Lisa Marques

Principal at Elim Elementary School

ParentSquare’s robust and secure communication platform is backed by an amazing team that provides top notch support and service. Districts face many challenges when rolling out new technology including funding and end-user adoption, therefore strong vendor relationships play a key role in our success criteria. The ParentSquare team acts as a partner to Santa Barbara Unified District, offering excellence in service and support.

Todd Ryckman

Chief Educational Technology Officer, SBUSD

It’s my first day using it and I am immediately informed about upcoming events and are able to schedule for our Parent Conferences. Me Encanta!

Hector Contreras

MHT student Javier Contreras' Father

The new messaging option for the iPhone app is BRILLIANT! Thank you guys for always improving your product!

Ronica Hochreiter

It keeps you in the loop of what is going on at the school. Great formatting as well.

Heather Goode

It keeps me informed… thank u.

Herrera, Francis

ParentsSquare give me the tools about information in the differents activities in the school and is great. I feel really happy with your support. BVP schools are the best. 😊

Noemi Quinones

it’s very informative and keeps me up on what’s going on at union mine.

Rennetta Proudfoot

Keeps up to date with everything!!! Its been only a week but LOVE this site and the app! 😃

Pearl Caudillo

We can keep up with everything that is happening.
Being informed on all that us going on at oasis 😊

Susie Renteria

Nevaehs grandmother

I love Parent Square because, it keeps me up-to-date. It reminds me about upcoming events, just in case I forgot to add them to my own calendar. It means less stacks of papers coming home and having to keep track of. It’s easy and extremely convenient for everyone.

Dalia Lopez

Foothill PTA secretary

Cera una rapida y buena manera , informativa

Carmen Cuevas

I love Parent Square because I can personally communicate with groups of parents instantly to let them know what is going on, how they can help and what we have to offer. Parents are more informed and engaged as a result. Thank you PS!

Veronica Binkley

ParentSquare was just launched and we had a situation that required after hours communication with staff and parents. I lamented over the incident, but was over the moon with the ease, intuitiveness, and immediacy of this tool!! So glad to be on board!

Sherri Morgan

Long Valley Charter School Director

We love ParentSquare, it keeps us and everyone informed. The set reminders I get from the teachers for things we volunteer and sign up for makes for a much easier life! Awesome way to communicate. Thanks!!

Rachel Trean

Mother of a Cornerstone Christian Preschool child

We have been using Parent Square for almost four years now. We have a blended family with boys attending four different schools, It is wonderful to stay in the loop of all schools on just one website!

Fernando/Peggy Ochoa

They are ALWAYS reachable for support of any kind. An email, a phone call, you name it, they are there for us. Thank you Parent Square!

Ronica Hochreiter

We are very pleased with the efficiency of the program and the time-saving aspect. We feel ParentSquare has raised the quality of our communication with our families and allowed our teachers to build stronger relationship with parents.

Thank you so much for your support and an outstanding product!

Claudia Ortega

As a preschool communications director it is imperative that I reach my families with ease. Parent Sqaure makes eblasts, newsletter distribution and photo sharing so easy, even for our most tech averse community members. Thank you for connecting us through Parent Square!

Claire Berger

I love Parent Square because we can save so much paper and get instant responses! No more confusion about signing up for parties or field trips!

Terri Turner


Melissa Brewer

I love Parent Square because it makes my life–my job(s) so much easier! This is our first year, but it will not be our last. I can definitely see a long-time relationship in our future. There is always so much I want to share with our parents as a whole group, as small groups, and as individuals, and Parent Square allows me to do it all with such ease. Another recent thrill I just discovered was how easy it was to have parents sign up for conferences–simply amazing! I have but one more desire from Parent Square. That desire would be a way for parents to do e-signatures for field trips. I believe they are working on that addition–fantastic! We love you Parent Square!! Keep up the good job!!!

Sue Feasel

Teacher & Administrator

because I get to see pictures of her active at school with her friends and teachers!

Heather Smitley

I love parent square because it helps the office and families and parents to know what is going on in the classrooms. I will be posting some photos this week with my 3 classes.

Mrs Karen M Rosciano II

The best part of PS is that it’s easy. I love the Spanish translation tool. It is a great communication tool and I can easily request volunteers and donations. It’s so easy for the parents to sign up, and the cool thing about this is if no one has signed up, PS sends out another reminder to parents, such as “Mrs. Quintero still needs two volunteers to the pumpkin patch " or " Mrs. Quintero still needs two bag of apples donated." You can also post pictures and you don’t have to pay for photo processing! The parents love seeing pictures of their children. It’s a great way to keep them involved. The parents can download pictures and the parents can print up if they really like them.

Judith Quintero

1st grade teacher, Ellwood Elementary School

I’ve used ParentSquare at two different schools. Whether it is as a parent receiving valuable information from teachers, organizing volunteers for fundraising events, or as sports team parent, this tool is invaluable. The ever-improving functionality makes PS a leader in school-parent communications.

Barbara Gilner


It is very user friendly. The creator of Parent Square is simply awesome. She always responds to my questions immediately and really values the input of teachers and parents. I love how I can ask for volunteers, supplies, and conference sign ups so simply. Thank you so much for PS!

Liz Long

I love Parent square because it provides me with daily information and access to my child homework learning and teacher contact.

Carol Mentor

It keeps me informed on how I can make a valuable contribution to my child’s education and give support to the teaching and administrative staff.

Chantell Crawley

Proud parent of a BDS student!

I love Parent Square because it keeps our community connected and helps reduce the paper waste this leaves a positive impact on the environment. Our school is more united and well informed because of Parent Square.

Sholeh Jahangir

Foothill PTA President

Your tips are wonderful and appreciated. Thanks also to PS for hearing our requests for scheduling teacher conferences! Our teacher and parent response has been wonderful.

Jennifer Adams

Teacher & PTA President

Thank you for this great tool. I set up a Box filing system five years or so ago for our school then and we were just wishing we had something like this then. Here at the high school, it’s essential!

Nancy Black

PTSA, Santa Barbara High School

Just made a post on ParentSquare for parents to sign up for their fall conferences. This is crazy… It has all changed so much so fast. But, I like it!

Jana McKee

3rd Grade Teacher, Adams Elementary

I enjoy getting reminders and updates from my kids school and class. It has made it so much easier for me to track what is happening at school.

Anita Presser


It’s really fun when one of my children goes on field trip, I get to see everything that happened by looking at the photos.

Carrie Hutchinson


ParentSquare makes it easier to have frequent communication and awareness of involvement, which ultimately raises the level of engagement overall.

Mary Lee Wren

Communication Coordinator

Tremendously successful! …really helped us increase participation of the community in giving and the amount that was given.

Heather Stefanski

VP Fundraising

Irreplaceable! ParentSquare has helped us reach those volunteers that possibly may never have volunteered.

Rayanna Cole-Dombroski

PTSO President

An efficient way of communicating with my own classroom, my child’s classroom and the school community.

Danell Hurtado

2nd Grade Teacher

So simple! … removes the fear and complexity of posting content onto a website. No YouTube for videos, flickr for photos, or wonky html to deal with.

Chadd Rosenberg

6th Grade Teacher

An important part of building school community is communication. I highly recommend it to any school looking to strengthen communication.

Demian Barnett


My daughter’s school just rolled out ParentSquare and it’s been AWESOME! I love getting pictures of what they are doing during the day and it’s made communication a lot simpler with teachers/Parent Advisory Board Members/etc.

Go ParentSquare!

Kristen Walker

ParentSquare is an integral part of my classroom communication because it helps bridge the gap between busy families, and busy teachers! I use it weekly for my Friday Newsletters (which bring families up-to-date on what’s happening in their child’s classroom), event reminders, as well as to request volunteers and materials. This is my favorite feature- now I don’t have to try and follow an e-mail thread to see which parents signed up for what, it’s all right there!

Shannon Beaudette


Washington Elementarty School loves Parentsquare. It is a quick and easy way to send important information to our parents!

Cara Chiarappa

Washington PTO VP

The instant translation saves me a ton of time.

Nancy Lusk


Accessible, organized, a great tool for the busy classroom teacher



Thanks for this great tool! Parent Square significantly increases my communication with families. I can quickly write an update and include important information, especially photos of what’s happening in their child’s day.

Elizabeth Blair


This is our second year using Parent Square at Hope School. The Hope School community has always felt like one big family and Parent Square has greatly enhanced our ability to communicate to all of our family members. Thank you Parent Square!

Barbara LaCorte

Principal, Hope School

“ParentSquare has helped bring our classroom and school-level communication in to the 21st century. Our whole school community - staff and parents - use it daily to share important information on a powerful, but manageable level. I highly recommend it to any school looking to strengthen communication.”

Demian Barnett 

Thank you for giving our PTA a tremendous value in Parent Square. We can do so much for our kids without breaking our budget!


Vieja Valley PTA President

I love having an archive of all the messages sent for the year in one place. I also love that I can go back and edit a post. Having parents sign up to bring supply’s and volunteer for activities is priceless!


School Admin

As a first grade teacher, the thing I love most about ParentSquare is the language translation. I use this feature every single time and I feel confident that all of my classroom parents will be informed quickly and thoroughly. When I have any issues, the support team is quick to answer my questions and fix what I need. Thanks to ParentSquare for providing a safe, secure venue for parent/teacher communication!

Andrea Lauderdale


ParentSquare is a wonderful way to communicate with our families about all the activities we are doing in our Fabulous First Grade Class! I even have our students posting to our parents! It is easy to add pictures, translate into Spanish and add sign up sheets. We even have our own class calendar to remind parents of what is coming up. I love using ParentSquare and so do parents!

Ms. Sigi Scigliano