Matt Smith – Director, Mare Island Technology Academy

We used ParentSquare extensively during the Napa fires because MIT Academy (in Vallejo, just a few miles from the fires) was enveloped in a thick blanket of hazardous smoke and we had to first go into a shelter-in-place, and then subsequently cancel school for two days. During all this time my primary communication device with parents was ParentSquare, supplemented by social media and local media. But the latter two were hardly necessary as ParentSquare did all the heavy lifting and we were able to communicate with parents and students quickly and efficiently. In fact, we were praised for our good communication, so ParentSquare not only did a terrific job, it made me look good, which is no easy task! We are very glad we brought ParentSquare on board, it’s been an amazing technology for everyone – our administrators, staff, teachers and most importantly, our parents!