Graduation Cap

Toni VonderHaar

Parent Square has been such an enormous help to our school! At any time you can post a question or an event reminder or request volunteers for an event or send a note to the staff to say Happy Teacher Appreciation Week or have a great spring break. As a member of the PTO and the SFC, I find it an invaluable tool of communication. We have monthly meetings and parents are able to see that this month we may be having a fun activity planned or a reminder of what the topic will be this month. I can send notes to my daughter’s teachers about an upcoming parent-teacher conference. Or they can send me one. If we have a big event happening and need donations or volunteers, Parent Square is the way to go. I love that alerts can be sent to your phone because sometimes I just don’t have time to get on my computer. I think it’s a great tool that all schools should take advantage of.